Our mission is simple: to connect you to the outdoors.

Dearest adventure seekers,

I founded Landsmith in the fall of 2018, but the spark of Landsmith really started on my first solo bikepacking trip down the coast of California back in 2015. I remember the excitement, the nervousness, the doubt in myself.

What I learned:

  • I can not only ride but fix my bike (!)
  • Sleeping outside under the redwoods is magical
  • People are truly kind
  • Eucalyptus trees are my most favorite scent
  • Traveling + adventuring by the power of my own body is awesome
  • There is no such thing as eating “too many donuts”


This perspective-changing trip gifted me a new approach to life – one that centers around taking time to be outside, connecting with nature, honoring the outdoors, and creating meaningful connections.

I have spent the last 20+ years in the food business – creating and making pastries, hosting guests, starting a donut shop, and envisioning spaces to bring people together.  I believe food and coffee are the building blocks of bringing people together, creating community.  To me, connection can be as simple as sharing a cup of coffee and a tasty snack while talking about the day’s adventure with a friend – old or new.

My vision for Landsmith is to create a space where you can connect, relax, renew, and break through the common barriers that can prevent us all from getting outdoors. We are here to nourish you with great coffee and simple + delicious food, build and connect community, and give you the tools you need to explore your world.  Through workshops, group runs + rides, and events, we hope to nurture the same spark that inspired me back in 2015.

As for the name, Landsmith, this is an homage to my grandparents.  My grandfather – along with the help and support of my grandmother – owned and operated a Cherry and Fruit company “Lansmith” in the 1950’s.  Keep an eye out for a special menu item in their honor – yes, it will be cherry related!

Landsmith is dedicated to all those who do what they love outdoors and for those with the curiosity to learn how.  We hope to see you in the shop and on the trails!




My grandfather, William Smith, pictured on the cherry orchard in upstate New York.
Connecting with each other and the outdoors – what Landsmith is all about!
Exploring isn’t just for the warm months!
©Landsmith 2019 | Photography by Sarah Coppinger and Christopher McIntosh